“The Yellow Cross” huipil

Catharism was a religious movement active in southwest France during the Middle Ages.  Although the Cathars  believed in Jesus and the Gospels, they did not follow the rules of the Roman Catholic Church.  So the Catholic Church invented the Inquisition which gave them an excuse to aggressively persecute the Cathars.  The Cathars, as with the Jews and the Star of David, were forced to wear yellow crosses on their clothing as a symbol of shame. Shaming them was not enough. They were also caught and burned until their entire community was exterminated.

Marina van Koesveld wearing Muy Marcottage huipil

Marina wearing The Yellow Cross

“The Yellow Cross” writing embroiderd on this huipil is a reminder of  the lack of tolerance toward other people’s beliefs that still exists today.

The huipil is made mainly from second-hand linens found at an outdoor market in Rome.




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